Event staffing by Marsell can help you to avoid the headache of not having enough staff at hand for those big events that come up every so often. If your establishment does not require a high number of in-house staff on an everyday basis or if your “on-call” staff lacks the luster and service skills that your clients are accustomed too, we can fill the bill.

Rest assured that our staff members working at corporate and country club settings display unprecedented levels of courtesy, initiative and discretion that are expected by your exclusive members and guests. With one simple phone call, you can staff your entire event with an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals who know the meaning of good service and the level of importance that it carries.

We make it easy

We do all the interviewing, paperwork, payroll, reference, background checks and training for you, allowing you to take care of the many other important details of running your establishment. Now a professional staff is one less thing to worry about.

Long-term relationships

One great benefit of building a long-term relationship with Event Staffing by Marsell is developing your very own personalized list of preferred staff. Individuals that work well with your style of service and are familiar with your business and establishment allows you more time to focus on the other important details of your event.

We value that our corporate and catering clients have distinctive and special requests. Alongside with you (you have total control of who you will work with) we carefully select the appropriate staff for each special event or establishment and build long-term relationships with our clients by earning their trust and confidence.

Our staff is trained to seamlessly integrate with yours to work professionally as one team.

Customized Staff

We understand that no two events are identical. Our approach to staffing is to carefully select individuals based on your specific event. We go the extra mile by ensuring that the personality and image of our staff members match the vibe of your event, we are prepared to provide you with a refined and elegant wait staff for your lavish affair, a polished line-up of servers for your fast-paced event or an energetic group of hot-shots as your promotional team for your convention show.